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  • Cadets/Adults  

    Cadets/Adults (12 + years)

    These sessions are designed to accommodate all ages and fitness levels. Our sessions incorporate a range of techniques for a well balance self defence system with involves sparring, pad drill,blocks and takedowns, along with fun energetic cardiovascular workouts.  We have adult sessions which are mixed in with Little ninjas which can be a perfect solution for those seeking a family activity. 

    Many parents who bring their children along to Senshi Academy participate in the sessions alongside their children and have gone on to achieve their own personal goals, whether this be “stress reliever”, weight loss,  “Me time”, positive well being or just a bit of family fun.  Recently one student achieved his dream goal which was to represent England and competed in America alongside his 12 year old daughter.  He achieved his personal goal and went on to become a world champion in this event.