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  • Little Ninjas  

    Little Ninjas (7-12 Years)

    Little Ninja classes are fun, educational, physical and energetic sessions helping to excel your child in all aspects of their life. Little Ninja classes help your child's mental and spiritual growth, encouraging respectful manners whilst enhancing your child's fitness, self defence, personal safety awareness and self motivation.

    This class is led by chief instructors working closely with students and becoming an authoritative figure in their lives. Many Little Ninja students reach their or personal goals and go on to become world champion athletes.   Little Ninja are designed to develop and enhance your child's:

    • 🔴 Leadership 
    • 🔴 Behaviour
    • 🔴 Confidence
    • 🔴 Character
    • 🔴 Self Esteem
    • 🔴 Personal Safety
    • 🔴 Personal Achievements

    Little Ninjas