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  • Lorraine Riley and Benjamin Clark  

    Our Team

    Senshi Academy was founded by senior and chief instructor 5th Degree black belt Lorraine Riley alongside  chief instructor Benjamin Clark have built up a credited martial arts school based in Liverpool and Cheshire areas which is known as home to many regional, National, International and World Champion fighters.   Both instructors regular teach martial arts and fitness to the local community.  Lorraine Riley, with 30 years experience, who is 7x times world champion was taught and mentored by the legendary Alfie Lewis.  Lorraine started her journey in freestyle karate/kickboxing in 1989 at Liverpool’s famous centre of excellence under 5x Wako world champion Alfie Lewis. Lorraine has gone on to compete around the globe at the highest level representing Great Britain and England on many occasions becoming successful in achieving  multiple British, European and world titles.

    Lorraine has a wealth of teaching experience and is very passionate about martial arts and states  “I use the ethos of my martial arts training to help other children and young adults to make better decisions for their future, teaching various life skills that can be utilised in every day life to help students to achieve their goals and become successful and well balanced adults.  Reflecting back on my own experience, martial arts has really inspired my personal growth which contributed to so many positive experiences and achievements.  Martial arts has also given my parent's reassurance and comfort, proving that martial arts was a fantastic and educational choice of skill  which has contributed a positive balance, focus and strong mind set for me and my siblings growing up.”

    Chief instructor Benjamin Clark who was also taught and mentored by the legendary Alfie Lewis has also been training in martial arts for 23 years, winning numerous British and European & world titles. Ben is a 4th Degree black belt with a wealth of knowledge when in teaching martial arts and is well respected for his martial arts leadership as a coach and mentor which has earned Ben the position as I.S.K.A   U.K Director of tatami (matt sports) and senior head coach for Team England I.S.K.A